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Special Training on Fire Safety
Issued Time :2017-06-07 13:46:57

O&M Power specially invited a professional firefighter from Xi'an Fire Training Center to give more than 40 personnel, including personnel from all departments of the Company and employees of other companies in the office building, a special training on fire safety.

This training is based on real life. The firefighter used popular and easy-to-understand words and sentences to comprehensively expound some practical first aids for preventing electric shocks and drowning disasters, such as CPR, right usage of a fire extinguisher, methods for rapidly extinguishing an initial fire disaster, correct methods to escape from a fire disaster, the importance and necessity of reserving fire protection equipment at home, as well as some other practical fire safety knowledge. Meanwhile, the firefighter also stressed the safety precautions during a trip.

This special training on fire safety enables all employees to further understand fire safety knowledge, enhance their fire safety awareness, improves their fire fighting skills, and establishes a firm foundation for the fire safety both in workplace and at home.

(Safety Production Department: Shi Yonghong)


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