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Successful Completion of Bangladesh BHOLA Project #2 Gas Turbine Maintenance Work
Issued Time :2017-06-08 13:57:04

Since the power generation from 2015, Bangladesh BHOLA 225 MW combined cycle power plant has been in safe operation for nearly two years till now. Thus, to further improve the equipment operation reliability , the owner of the plant has planned to conduct maintenance work to #2 gas turbine from the middle of May.

The maintenance is to replace gas turbine components, unit lube oil and filters and other maintenance work. To ensure the smooth maintenance work, O&M power site team has cautiously arranged unit shutdown procedures, and the operators has shut down the #2 gas turbine on May, 7th punctually, completely cooling down the unit to provide a good working condition for gas turbine maintenance. During the maintenance, the operators strictly abide by "two permit' management system, strictly process maintenance permit for work start and completion, strictly follow site system safety isolation technical measures to ensure personnel and equipment safety. By the chance of turbine and boiler shutdown chance, the operators can have a detailed knowledge about working condition of HP main steam valve component and dampers and valve discs inside boiler, which can not be observed during unit operation, so that they can eliminate the hidden safety dangers to ensure safety.

Replacement of HP Main Steam Valve

Working Damper Inspection inside HRSG

When the maintenance work nearly completes, the gas turbine manufacturer personnel comes to site for  perfecting gas turbine system and conducting frequency regulation test on May, 20th. And the maintenance work of #2 gas turbine has been completed on May, 23rd, and all the work permits has been taken back, and the site satisfies with the unit startup and frequency adjustment test conditions. Under the correct commanding of the site project team and skilled operation of the operators, #2 gas turbine has been connected to power grid and on load in that night. Till then, the maintenance work of gas turbine lasting for 14 days has been safely and successfully completed.

Gas Turbine System Frequency Regulation Test

During the maintenance, the operator and the maintenance personnel cooperate in harmony, shortening the pre-estimated maintenance schedule, and complete the work in advance, which has been highly appraised by the plant EPC.

Bangladesh BHOLA Project: Tang Hongying


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