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Chemical Water Treatment System of Indonesia Takalar Project Successfully Producing Acceptable Demineralized Water
Issued Time :2017-05-08 14:42:25

At 16:15, April 29th 2017, the Chemical Water Treatment System of Indonesia Takalar project of O&M Power successfully produced acceptable demineralized water. All parameters of the produced demineralized water meet the standard requirement. The conductivity of the outlet water from the mixed bed is 0.121us/cm, and the SiO2 is 11.7ug/L. The system operation was steady and reliable.

In order to make sure that the Chemical Water Treatment System can make the acceptable demineralized water on schedule, the project department positively coordinated with construction party, design party and manufacturer, strictly implemented the commissioning technical measures and the specific commissioning plan of the chemical water treatment system, checked the progress on the site every day, solved various difficulties when commissioning, and spent 24 hours on monitoring overall aspects of the chemical equipment and commission conditions on site. Finally, they successfully produced acceptable demineralized water 21 days in advance.

Chemical Water Preparation is the first construction period node in the chemical system-by-system commissioning process. The successful realization of this project node goal created good conditions for unit system flushing and hydrostatic test, and also laid a solid foundation for the subsequent system-by-system commissioning.


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