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Central Control Room in Indonesia Takala Project Officially in Service
Issued Time :2017-06-08 14:53:20

On June 5th, 2017, the CCR final digital instrument wall installation and commissioning in Indonesia Takala project, under the mission of Shaanxi O&M Power, has been put in to official service, which lays a solid foundation for successful unit commissioning afterwards.

Neat and Bright Central Control Room

The decoration of CCR is simple but bright, with grille ceiling, printing system, digital instrument wall, operator station, wear-resisting floor and firefighting system. The production scene can be seen here at any time , and all the production process is monitored. The operators can master the comprehensive working conditions of boiler, steam turbine operation, and auxiliary workshops by just clicking the computer mouse through DCS in CCR, and the operation interfaces is simple, direct viewing, and fast. Besides, the CCR is of double glazed glass wall, with good soundproof effects, to provide a quiet and comfortable working environment to the operators.


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