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Spring Safety Inspection Activities Launching by O&M Power
Issued Time :2017-05-03 17:01:53

In order to conscientiously carry out the safety production policy ¡°Safety First, Prevention Foremost and Comprehensive Approach¡± and combine with the characteristics of Spring season , O&M Power has carried out Spring Safety Inspection Activities in whole company within the scope of "to carry out the safety responsibilities, implement the rules and regulations, eliminate hidden dangers in equipment" as the theme, ¡°to check leadership, thoughts, management, rules and regulations, hidden trouble" (Five-Check) as main contents, and "to prevent personal injury, mis-operation, lightning, flashover, fire, flood, major accidents" (Seven-Prevention) as the key points.

This safety inspection activities require each project, engineering department and functional department to seriously study the recent and past cases of all kinds of unsafe incidents, summary analysis, and learn your lesson. Focus around the checking and the all kinds of unsafe hidden trouble elimination of production equipment, production site, office, take "to prevent personal injury, lightning, flashover, power grid breakdown, equipment damage, mis-operation, fire, flood, major traffic accidents" as key points, seriously perform "Three-Serious opposites Three-Violation " (serious system, face and solution; violent command, operation and labor discipline), and comprehensively prevent habitual violations. On one hand, carry out the safety management work regularly according to the offer of two parties in contract without inspection or item leaking;  on the other hand, according to the arrangement of activities, complete the season safety management work with high standard, strengthen safety basis, give full play to the three mechanisms of production safety, which are normality, long-acting and early warning to ensure safety production stability.

Activities emphasize, major equipment for power station site screening out hidden dangers, each project must be in accordance with the working process, and report to Party A or the owner in writing timely; If it belongs to project responsibility jurisdiction, a plan of rectification must be drawn up and the safety measures, funds and personnel should be implemented to complete the rectification within a time limit; if the conditions cannot be met for the rectification temporarily, the project should timely report to party A or the owner in writing in accordance with the contract offer, at the same time prepare accident forecast, carry out the dangerous point control counter measures, improve the emergency plan, ensure employees' life safety and the interest of the company.

It is reported, during this Spring Safety Inspection Activities, in addition to carry out the examination about Safety Code for staff, overseas projects such as the ones in the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh will also, carry out the prevention "Dengue Fever" disease and mosquito bites from practice combined with the hot summer climate characteristics; Company headquarters will organize to carry out on-site safety training about "Electric Shock, Drowning, Cardiac Arrest," CPR first aids.

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