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Central Control Room in Indonesia Takala Project Officially in Service2017-06-08
Successful Completion of Bangladesh BHOLA Project #2 Gas Turbine Maintenance Work2017-06-08
Special Training on Fire Safety2017-06-07
High-quality Service Starts with Me2017-06-01
Successful Completion of Indonesia Takalar Project On-site Training2017-06-01
O&M Power was invited to attend the symposia- "The Belt and Road" Drives Enterprises to 2017-05-15
Chemical Water Treatment System of Indonesia Takalar Project Successfully Producing 2017-05-08
Safe Operation and Maintenance Start with Me2017-05-08
Spring Safety Inspection Activities Launching by O&M Power2017-05-03
Successful Steam Turbine Casing Covering of Unit #1 of Takalar Project2017-04-20
Philippine PCPC Project Making a New Coal Unloading Records, Again!2017-04-17
Successful Completion of Whole Plant Maintenance during Blackout for Bangladesh BHOLA 2017-04-13
Awards Ceremony Held by Tajikistan Project Department2017-04-11
Successful Backfeeding of Unit #1 of Takalar CFSPP Project in One Shot!2017-03-30
Backfeeding Preparation Work Carried out by Takalar Project Staff Who just Arrived the Site2017-03-20
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