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Successful Backfeeding of Kauswagan Project in One Shot!2018-05-15
O & M Pioneer in Africa2018-05-04
Livelihood Project Brings Warmth and Bright2018-05-04
The Opening Ceremony of Bangladesh Gas Turbine Combine Circle Power Plant Group Training in2018-04-24
Brief- Angolan Deputy Minister of Energy Department Visits the Project2018-04-19
Work Record (II) in Angola Power Plant2018-04-10
One-time Success of Generator Unit Synchronization in A Namibia HRSG Power Plant2018-04-03
Power Plant Work Record in Angola2018-03-29
Our Trainer Group Arrives at Myanmar Project to Carry out Training2018-03-29
Work Record of Indonesia Riau Power Plant2018-03-29
CCTV's Homeland Dreamland Goes into O&M Power Project in Dushanbe of Tajikistan2018-03-26
O&M power is honored with "Excellent Cooperative Unit"2018-01-18
Welcoming the New Year by Holding Sports Meeting in Tajikistan Project Department2017-12-29
Pulling Together to Gurantee Stable Operation in Hardship2017-12-19
O&M Power Staff of Tajikistan Project Department Receiving Commendatory Awards From Party A2017-12-08
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